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Philippe Druillet ‎– Cosmic Machine, 2013. 



Anonymous Asked: W!LL U G0 0UT W!T M3?!?!

Anonymous Asked: How do you feel about dating a fan?

I guess it would be pretty cool.

Anonymous Asked: What are your thoughts on toilet paper theft?

It is a heinous act, and I would be very bummed if it happened to me.

Anonymous Asked: How many birds are hiding in your mustache?

Anonymous Asked: Do you pay for your Tumblr theme?


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  • Deleted my OkCuppid account
  • Found a date for my friend’s wedding next month
  • Met Rosie Obama (the cat I will be taking care of this weekend)
  • Drank two cappuccinos in the span of ten minutes

To Be Done:

  • Practice piano
  • Find someone to use my extra Moogfest ticket
  • Look for a house to rent
  • Make reservations for friend’s wedding
  • Have lunch
  • Find someone to accompany me to Little Dragon in June
  • Purchase tickets for Andrew Bird and Mac DeMarco 
  • Make schedule for Moogfest
  • Make wishlist for Record Store Day
  • Make plans to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again
  • Drink additional cappuccinos before work
  • Plan next tattoo
  • Listen to a shit-ton of Giorgio Moroder
  • Plan for my 21st within the next twelve days


Naked Eyes // Always Something There to Remind Me


Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers 

and I would smile until my face hurt

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